Children of Fatih residents Celebrated April 23rd Children's Day like a Festival …

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Hundreds of children enjoyed themselves to the repletion in the colorful playgrounds established in the Information Houses Children’s Festival that was organized in consideration of the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Fatih.

In the festival which was organized in the Fındıkzade Çukurbostan Park, children enjoyed themselves as they wished in colorful playgrounds established for them.   

“Our Republic will reach many centuries with the hand of these children”

Mayor of Fatih, M. Ergün Turan who attended the festival, visited children in the activity area and took photos with them. Mayor of Fatih, M. Ergün Turan who celebrated April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day and shared their happiness, stated that “April 23 is the 99th establishment anniversary of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and is probably the festival in the world that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk gave to our children. Here we are happily celebrating it with our children and their families. I hope our Republic will reach many centuries with the hand of these children. In a very short time, Fatih will be a very bright district with increased opportunities for our children and youth.”.

Children, who attended the festival together with their families, both sweated and had fun in the contests organized. Children who had fun to repletion in the festival said “We are enjoying ourselves here a lot, we use the toys. There is Children’s Festival here due to the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. We play games, there are toys, and they organize demonstrations. They really organize a very beautiful festival, we congratulate everyone for the Children’s Festival, April 23rd is a gift to everyone”. 

Children Had Fun as They Wish

Children, who attended the festival together with their families, enjoyed both the spring and the festival through many toys such as Transformers Climbing and slide, children's sumo, climbing pyramid, trampoline, super jumper, dolphin rodeo, balancing, shoe slide, inflatable slide, marble. Children animation team, wooden leg cartoonist, juggler, illusionist, face painting and costume characters gave a novel touch to the festival.                                           

Stage is Children’s

Students of the Fatih Municipality Information House performed folk dances all day long on the stage set in the festival area. Furthermore, students of the Fatih Municipality Art Academy gave a mini concert to the participants. 

Ice cream, cotton candy, Ottoman paste and popcorn were served to children in the festival that became colorful with exciting contests, theatre plays and mini concerts.