Fatih Municipality Sulukule Art Academy Presents the Mixed Exhibition and Concert

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 07.05.2019
Fatih Municipality Sulukule Art Academy End of Year Mixed Exhibition was commenced with a ceremony. Sulukule Youth Symphony Orchestra performed during the opening ceremony.

Held in Fatih Municipality Building Interior Courtyard, the exhibition opening ceremony and the concert were attended by Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan, Ak Party Fatih District Chairman Orhan Narin, Municipality Deputy Mayors, Assembly Members, guests and students.

Speaking at the exhibition opening, Mayor M. Ergün Turan mentioned that Sulukule Art Academy began to offer services with major focus on music in 2014 and has incorporated the plastics arts in its training program for the last two years, that today students from all age groups meet arts and that it has become an organization that is truly an embodiment of an academy.

Stating that art can be interpreted as the expression and structuring of emotions and that it is in fact a mirror that reflects the feelings and identity of society, Mayor M. Ergün Turan said, “You can look to the arts pursued by a society and understand that society’s development level, its tastes, culture and values. I consider art to be similar to life. Just like life, art builds shape through small steps, eventually yielding a pattern. Whatever you give to life, that is what you reap. Just like art, whatever you give to society, that will be what you reap. As Fatih Municipality, we want to offer the best services to our people in the area of culture and arts as well. Just as it's been so far, Fatih will continue to be a district where competent cultural and artistic events are discussed in the area of culture, arts and sports, where people from all segments of society have access to culture and arts and where our young people have access to all kinds of sports facilities”.

Following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, accompanied by the attendants, Mayor M. Ergün Turan visited the year-end exhibition prepared by the students. Attending Sulukule Arts Academy Youth Symphony Orchestra’s concert in the Culture Center of the Municipality after seeing the exhibition, Mayor Turan was presented the baton used by the orchestra conductors, which was presented to him by Prof. Dr. Turan Sağer, Dean of YTU Faculty of Art and Design at the end of the concert. 

End of year exhibition will remain open until 3rd of June in Fatih Municipality Foyer area, where the products of Sulukule Art Academy workshops of photography, graphic design, glass fusion, tile ceramics, marbling, calligraphy, design and painting will be displayed.