In Historical Egyptian Bazaar, the ashura was served to 20,000 people in 1 hour

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On the 23rd traditional ashura day held at the historical Egyptian Bazaar, this year, 20,000 people were served ashura.

Due to the month of Muharram, with the support of Fatih Municipality and the Egyptian Bazaar Artisans Protection and Solidarity Association and Malatya Bazaar Palancı Nuts Trade, in the 23rd traditional ashura day, 20,000 people were served ashura. While the citizens were competing for tasting the ashura that contains 14 kinds of ingredients and cooked by master chefs within gigantic cauldrons, the tourists ate the ashura that they tasted for the first time and do not even know its name.

The star and crescent motif was made on one of the ashura cauldrons. At the event, Fatih Mayor M. Ergün Turan offered ashura to the citizens from the giant cauldron. The ashura, which was cooked using a ton of material, received full marks from the citizens and tourists. The citizens, who make long queues to taste the Ashura, competed for taking a photo of the colorfully adorned ashura.

"People from many parts of the world is surrounding this ashura cauldron”

  1. Ergun Turan, the Mayor of Fatih, who served ashura to citizens from the cauldron, stated that the ashura have an important place in our tradition. Expressing that the people from all around the world tasted the ashura in Egyptian Bazaar, Turan stated that "Muharram is an important month for Muslims. In addition to being a blessed month, in which many important events took place, it is a mourning month for us because of His Holiness Hussein's martyr in Karbala. The ashura has an important place in our tradition. The Egyptian Bazaar is also meaningful and our tradesmen have been doing this traditionally for years. Just as different tastes come together to create a beautiful flavor here, people from many parts of the world, now, create a distinct beauty around this ashura". Süleyman Kazan, the employee of Malatya Bazaar Palancı Nuts Trade, which makes the ashura offering traditional for 23 years, stated that the ashura for 20,000 people was delivered in 1 hour. The citizens, who take and taste the ashura, also said that they liked the ashura. Some tourists, who eat ashura for the first time, also expressed that the ashura is tasty.