Cities that Generate Solutions Were Discussed in MARUF...

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 07.10.2019
Aiming to provide Turkey with a city forum that will become a global brand in urban planning and held biennially, Marmara Urban Forum (MARUF) was held by Marmara Municipalities Union in Istanbul Congress Center.

Bringing together the stakeholders that play a major role in the design, transformation and management of cities with the motto “Cities that Generate Solutions”, the program attracted over 2,000 speakers and more than 3,000 persons. During the program, which is known as Turkey’s greatest city forum, Mayor’s Advisor Uğur İnan attended the panel discussion titled ‘The Search for a Public Venue that is Accessible to All’ as speaker on behalf of Fatih Municipality.

During his presentation, Mayor’s Advisor Uğur İnan explained the ‘Utility-Based Urban Transformation Project’ pursuant to the protocol signed by Fatih Municipality with TOKİ (the Housing Development Administration of the Republic of Turkey) in 2016. İnan provided information about evacuating the buildings in Mevlanakapı and Ayvansaray located on the City Walls protection band and transforming them into green areas as they appear on the zoning plan. İnan made a presentation about the project for turning the areas functioning as green areas and parks in the protection zoning plans in force within the protection band of City Walls enlisted among Unesco World Heritage Sites within the borders of Fatih Municipality containing unqualified structures with risk of disaster that are the property of private entities or foundations into utility areas - park areas in the context of the practice of “Generating Public Venues”, which was among the topics of the panel discussion. 

During his presentation, Fatih Municipality Mayor’s Advisor Uğur İnan provided information about the works regarding over 100 single sections, identified in Mevlanakapı and Ayvansaray, whose negotiations are conducted on an area of about 40,000 square meters with the protocol signed in 2016 and its additional protocols between the parties of the Utility-Based Urban Transformation Project carried out with the Housing Development Administration of the Republic of Turkey (TOKİ). İnan mentioned that eliminating risky structures, reducing density in populated areas, improving gentrification in accordance with the plans in force and thus improving urban design and living standards are essential. Uğur İnan emphasized that a reconciliation-based approach will eliminate negative reactions, provide beneficiaries with qualified housing units that are safe against disasters and contribute to use of public resources for optimum public benefit. Uğur İnan said, “Thus, action is taken to use the structures in the new settlement areas for eliminating risky buildings in the populated areas, thereby ensuring a balanced development in terms of urban design and ensuring people live in safer settlement and development areas with better living standards”.