Mayor Turan Meets Religious Officials

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Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan met the religious officials who work in the district during the program organized jointly with Fatih District Mufti Office owing to the Mosques and Religious Officials Week.

The dinner held under scope of the program was attended by Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan, Fatih Mufti Vehap Kapıcıoğlu and the religious officials working in the district and their families. Following the dinner, Mayor Turan made a speech, mentioned that it’s an honor to hold office in Fatih and said, “Fatih is not a place built by chance. None of the madrasahs, mosques, schools or prayer chambers here were built by coincidence. Historical records prove this. It is our major duty to look after these structures”.

Mayor M. Ergün Turan said their Primary Goal is to Protect the Social Texture of Fatih and that the two worst things that can happen to our Mosques would be their destruction and lack of community and said, “As the Fatih Municipality, our primary goal is to preserve the social texture of our district. To provide a district where women, children and young people can live safely. It is not something we as the local government can undertake all by ourselves. As our valuable religious officials, your prayers and support are very important to accomplish our goal. I have full faith that we’ll make Fatih a district where everyone lives in peace like in the old days if we act in coordination. With these feelings and thoughts, I’d like to thank you all for your attendance and I wish you a happy Mosques and Religious Officials Week”.