Fatih Municipality Opens the Culture and Arts Season with a Celebration

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Fatih Municipality 2019 - 2020 Culture and Arts season was opened with a concert by Turkish Music Choir.

Fatih Municipality 2019 - 2020 Culture and Arts season was opened in Fatih Municipality Culture and Arts Center. Alp Arslan, a skilled singer of TRT and Oya İşboğa, a brilliant singer of the younger generation accompanied as guest singers as the Fatih Municipality Sulukule Art Academy Turkish Music Choir gave a concert, which was led by the renowned singer Yıldırım Bekçi.

Making a speech during the program, Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan mentioned that having been the capital of civilizations, Istanbul is the hub for culture and arts and said, “This is the city where concrete and abstract, on behalf of all cultural places, civilizations, arts and culture, all were born and established. For centuries, Istanbul was a magnet for travelers, historians, poets, craftsmen and diplomats, inspired many poets, authors, scholars and painters, whose souls echo on these soils. This is such a city that people feel the streets in their hearts. Because here every place calls out to people, each of whom, inside, holds a conversation with them, bonds with them. So much so, you never know as you walk around, which house belongs to which valuable person of arts, or which street housed the madrasah he or she trained in. Just think about it, as you walk around, you happen to be in a street where you see the house of İbnülemin Mahmut Kemal, who was an Ottoman gentleman, a historian of art and literature, then in another street you see the school that raised Peyami Safa, and you arrive at a street where you see the house where Mehmet Akif lived”.

“We announce that we’ll put in serious efforts”

Mentioning that Fatih District is on a key location and that therefore they are putting in serious efforts, Mayor Turan said, “Fatih is the place that is narrated as Istanbul, whose high-rising mosques and natural sights are celebrated and praised. We too, at this point, said that Fatih is Istanbul and we announce that we’ll tread on a new path in terms of both place and content for the Culture and Art programs that we created and we’ll put in serious efforts on this matter. In this regard, I’d like to thank to all who love, think about, research, tour, draw pictures of and compose songs of Istanbul one more time”.

Besides Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan, the program was attended by AK Party (The Justice and Development Party) Istanbul Deputies İffet Polat and Abdullah Güler, Ak Party Fatih District Chairman Orhan Narin, Deputy Mayors, Assembly Members, guests and many art enthusiasts. At the end of the concert, Deputy Abdullah Güler and Mayor M. Ergün Turan presented ‘thank you’ flowers to the performers on stage. Accepting the request of singer Yıldırım Bekçi, Deputy Güler and Mayor Turan accompanied the final piece voiced by the singers and the choir.  

Fatih Municipality aims to bring the citizens together in many events from theater plays for children and adults to concerts, from literature and music conversations to seminars, conferences and discussion programs during the new Culture and Arts season.