Winners of Zero Waste Project Personally Received Their Awards from Mayor Turan

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 18.11.2019
Winners of zero waste collection project organized by Fatih Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate under scope of ‘Zero Waste Project’ initiated across Turkey under the auspices of Emine Erdoğan, wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received their awards personally from Mayor M. Ergün Turan.

Winners of the work initiated in Fatih with the slogan ‘Bring Your Waste and Join the Project’ with the intention of distilling recyclable wastes at their source in the zero waste collection points established in Fındıkzade and Çarşamba Çukurbostan City and Living Centers, bringing them to the waste center and ensuring their recycling were given their awards.

Among the residents of Fatih who took part in the ‘Zero Waste Project’ which was launched in order to avoid wastage particularly in densely populated areas, use natural resources more efficiently, reduce the amount of generated wastes, establish an effective collection system and recycle wastes, the winners were rewarded. Among the residents who collected recyclable wastes and separated them over a month under scope of the ‘Zero Waste Project’ organized by Fatih Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate, those who collected the highest amount of waste were given their awards with a ceremony held in the office of Fatih Municipality Mayor M. Ergün Turan. Having a conversation with the environmentalist citizens in his office prior to the award ceremony, Mayor Turan highlighted the importance of the process wherein recyclable wastes are separated at their source and are delivered to waste collection centers and said that as the municipality, they are working to disseminate this awareness across the district. Mayor M. Ergün Turan also thanked to citizens who took part in and supported the project.

Mayor Turan highlighted that refraining from polluting the environment is essential for keeping it clean and mentioned that as Fatih Municipality, they act with an environmentally sensitive management approach and they do not omit awareness activities in this regard.  Mayor Turan said, “We are working to expand this project and extend it across the district as well as to improve the environmental awareness of the public. Our goal is to reduce use of wastes, create a recycling awareness and culture and then to equip all citizens, in particular our children and youth with this awareness at the point of preventing wastage and take steps to better plan the future of our country. With future projects for increasing awareness on waste management, we are making effort to conduct works in our schools also involving the students in order to leave a cleaner and more livable world to future generations. I’d like to thank to all citizens who contributed to the project. I invite everyone to unite against environmental pollution to leave a greener world to the future and I hope we’ll live in a healthier and cleaner environment”.

Mayor Turan then presented the plaques and monetary awards to citizens who took part in the zero waste project and created added value for the environment.

Under scope of the project, about 10 tons of recyclable wastes were collected through personal participation of 350 citizens in as short as one month duration. Hence, pollution of 660 million liters potable water was prevented, 150 liters petroleum saving was made and 50 cubic meter area was cleaned of garbage.