Committee from Kyrgyzstan visited Fatih Municipality

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Fatih Municipality described EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) to visiting mayors from Kyrgyzstan

Deputy Mayor of Fatih, Mehmet Özçelik hosted the committee composed of mayors from Kyrgyzstan which is a member of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB). Deputy Mayor of Fatih, Özçelik welcomed the guests at Molla Gürani Meeting Hall of the Municipality and said: “We are happy to host you, our esteemed brothers in Fatih.”   

Deputy Mayor of Fatih, Özçelik expressed his pleasure from the visit and said: “I would like to express how happy I am to come together with you at this great program that brought us together and contributed to our affiliation. Just like how Yusuf Has Hacib who reminded us the importance of coming together and discussing wrote 950 years ago in Kutadgu Bilig which he started to work on at Balasagun (Kyrgyzstan land); “Those who base their actions on discussion are blessed in both worlds.” As people who share a common history and consciousness, we deeply value consensus, discussion, unity, and solidarity. I would like to welcome you again.”

EDMS Presentation to Kyrgyz Mayors

Following the speech, the participant mayors are given a presentation on EDMS. Information Technology Department of Fatih Municipality which was the first public institution to use EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) prepared in the scope of the Smart State in 2016 and which was appreciated by the Prime Ministry, played a publicity movie for the visiting committee and described workings of the system with slides and documents. The visiting mayors followed the presentation with interest and directed questions to learn details of the system.

Following the presentation the committee chairman, Representative of the Presidential Administration, Mirbek Kozhoev presented a gift to Deputy Mayor Mehmet Özçelik while Özçelik presented the guests with tile plates carrying Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s portrait pictures. After the gift exchange, Özçelik hosted the visiting committee at lunch at Fatih Municipality Facilities in Çatladıkapı. 

Mayors on the Visiting Committee

Mirbek KOZHOEV               Representative of the Presidential Administration

Kamchybek KUSAKOV                 Representative of Government

Murzaibragim ZHEENBEKOV      Representative of Official Agency on Local Administrations and Ethnic Relations

Asylbek TOPCHUBAEV               Oş Municipality Deputy Mayor

Murataly TAGAEV                        Jalal-Abad Mayor

İliaz ERKEEV                                 Kara’Köl Mayor

Nurbek MOLDOKADYROV          Narın Mayor

Adyl KANIMETOV                        Karakol Mayor

Talantbek SARBAGYSHEV          Çolpon-Ata Mayor

Kutugali KOZUBAEV                    Kara-Suu Mayor

Mukhtarzhan KHALMATOV         Özgön Mayor

Daniiar AMANGELDIEV              Tokmok Mayor

Baktybek CHANCHAROV             Orlovka Mayor

Daniiar SHABDANOV                   Kara-Balta Mayor

Abdivali KHAMRAEV                   İsfana Mayor