About the city information system

'The City Information System Project” is on

Dear Residents of Fatih;
We have started to work to realize the City Information System Modern in order to form a modern city and share with you, our citizens, the latest technological innovations. The main goal of this project is to collect all data about the city and manage it using information technologies. At the end of these efforts, various services will be made available to the city and our people, and it will be ensured that all residents of Fatih benefit from these services on an equal ground. The City Information System will contribute to acceleration and improvement of coordination between municipal units and governance processes. With the improvements in governance will also improve the quality and speed of services offered. Our goal is to offer you better, healthier and more efficient service. A step of the e-state application, this project is being conducted in coordination with other public bodies. The data to be collected with your support and understanding will be made use of in various social organizations and events. Your answers to our questions will facilitate the process for us. With this project: 

• Municipal services will be faster, more transparent and more efficient
• Your will benefit from our services to the maximum extent possible 
• You will access facilitated service for all your housing, development and licensing processes

It will be ensured that you can access all information about yourself and our district over the internet.

Dear citizens of Fatih; I would like to thank you for your understanding towards this project for a “more habitable Fatih” and greet your with all my sincere respect.