How Can I Pay My Tax to the Municipality?

Using your Registration Number, Turkish Identification Number and Credit Card details, without online transaction password, in the e-Municipality Menu ( on the official website of Fatih Municipality,

Using our application “Fatih Mobile” on any mobile device as described on

Making phone payment by using t-Municipality service and calling the numbers 0212 453 1453 and 444 0 176
To the following accounts at Vakıfbank Vatan Caddesi Branch
TR 38 0001 5001 5800 7293 5867 86
TR 89 0001 5001 5800 7287 9813 05
Making remittance or EFT to the Postal Checking Account no. 232856
Personally to the pay desks located on the first floor of Block B at the Municipal Building (Akşemsettin Mahallesi (Hocaüveyz Mevkii) Adnan Menderes Vatan Bulvarı No: 54 Fatih)
At Eminönü Zone D Travelling Team Police Station of Fatih Municipality
(Hobyar Mah, Celal Bey Sokağı, No:4)